Hi guys,

Looking for a 50″ Ambilight TV max budget £500.

Looking at these two models, from comparing specification they both appear near identical.

Both are:

– 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p
-2000 PPI
– P5 Engine
– Peak brightness: 400 nits
– Video CODEC: HEVC H.265 / VP9 with 4K upscaling
– Silver and Metal construction

Only differences I can see with the 9005/12 is

– Freesat HD
– Smart remote control
– Tabletop swivel stand design

Both priced at £499 with 2 year warranty.

Then I have this in the mix


– 1500 PPI vs 2000 PPI – Will I notice this as someone who just watches SkyQ and Football matches?

– Peak: 350 nits down from 400 nits in the other two
– Made of plastic instead of Metal. uses loss power than the other two.

This is my first TV in 12 years so I’m a little confused about what the differences will be to look out for that I may have missed.

Can anyone assist?

Thanks in advance.