Anthem ARC Genesis

Does seem they’ve missed a target date, my optimism says we will hear today, hopefully a release if not a statement

As you said earlier – it is disappointing, but in context, it is only just that. I totally agree that if it’s not right for release, then by all means hold back from doing so – that is absolutely the correct course of action. I think peoples frustrations with in this hobby of ours ( & others), are tested by companies that continually promise things, and then either go to market with a half baked product, or release them many months, even years after first announcing them.

I applaud a company that resists the urge to release a product that MAY have problems. I bought into Anthem as opposed to other known brands, because of their better reputation for solidness/reliability in regards to operation of product. My very recent decision to purchase an AVM60, in small part was based on the imminent release of Genesis.

However, no matter. The AVM is a superb bit of kit – Genesis will arrive, and the world will still spin. We can all speculate as to why the promised date was missed – but from a PR perspective, it may pay bucketloads in goodwill to a companies loyal customer pool, to be upfront and keep them in the loop, if problems of a keenly anticipated release are forseen.

Many a good brand has been tarnished by not doing so.

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