Anyone seen prices for the extra 1tb storage?

I really don’t see these drives being cheap unless Microsoft allow other manufacturers to develop them too and encourage competition. Considering their new pro consumer stance I wouldn’t rule that out but I don’t see it happening really. One other thing is you might lose the quick resume feature if you run Xbox one games off of a usb drive too as that apparently dumps the ram states in to the SSD and when you resume pulls the data back to the ram (according to Austin Evans deep dive video at ms). Not sure if they’ll find a way to stash instant resume data cache in the SSD but allow the main game itself be on the usb drive to allow this to work though.

I only see this issue being for the series s, 1tb built in and a usb drive would be very liveable as that’s what I’m running one my one sad, but 512 would mean a lot of swapping things out to the the usb drive. I’ll be interested to see how fast you can move from an external SSD to the internal SSD and if you can include the instant resume state in that data transfer.

Just part of me thinks by the time you spend £250 on the console and potentially buy the drive if it’s over £150 you might as well go for the series X if you can afford one and get the double sized internal drive from the off. The hard drive is the main factor making me think the series X may well be the better buy.

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