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Are there any mini hi-fi systems (or anything else, for that matter) with a toggle for speaker/headphone output?

I switch between speakers and headphones a LOT, and I’d really like to not have to plug in/unplug my speakers 50 times a day: it’s not the end of the world, but it’s inconvenient and tends to result in damaged cords etc. Previously this was fine, I just used a PC and could use the windows sound control to switch the output, but my setup has changed such that I need to be able to use other input sources which don’t make life so easy.

A mini-hifi setup seems ideal, since it would have decent sound quality, and input switching… but I can’t see any where I can leave my headphones plugged in and switch using a remote/button/switch/whatever.

Are there any options for this, or is it just something so niche that it doesn’t exist?

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2x BK Double Gems vs 1 BK P12-300SB-PR??

If you want the subs playing mono, yep, and you would on the stereo side (‘B’) use the miniDSP to sum it’s output to mono too. Would be like this, purple being mono:
View attachment 1371366

However you can do stereo bass if you swap the position of the Sys and miniDSP.
I actually do it this way myself, but you have an extra step in that you need to also switch configs on the miniDSP based on what you’re doing. Essentially run the miniDSP in a blank config to allow the AVR to do it’s thing (although nothing stopping you from doing PEQ on the miniDSP still – and I have to because my AVR is old and has no room correction).

Movie use = Sys in position A, Config 1/2 on miniDSP (1 could be blank, 2 could be bass boost)
Music use = Sys in position B, Config 3/4 on miniDSP (again depending how mu...

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UEFA Super Cup roll of honour

Bayern’s defeat of Sevilla means they become only the tenth team in UEFA Super Cup history to have won the competition on multiple occasions.

The 2019/20 UEFA Champions League winners claimed the trophy for the second time with a 2-1 victory against Sevilla that came courtesy of Javi Martínez’s extra-time header. The Bundesliga side’s only previous Super Cup triumph was in 2013, when Martínez also scored in extra time prior to a penalty shoot-out defeat of Chelsea. Bayern lost the Super Cup in 1975, 1976 and 2001.

Most wins by club

AC Milan 5
Barcelona 5
Liverpool 4
Real Madrid 4
Atlético Madrid 3
Ajax 2
Anderlecht 2
Bayern 2
Juventus 2
Valencia 2

Most appearances by club

Barcelona 9
AC Milan 7
Real Madrid 7
Liverpool 6
Sevilla 6
Bayern 5
Chelsea 4
Manchester United 4
Porto 4

Most wins by country

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The Justice League (& The Snyder Cut 2021)

“We’re trying to bring everything together, but everything comes from the comics,” he said, according to Coming Soon. “You’ll see in the coming months how it’s going to be better integrated. I’m really excited about it, but it’s so early, I can’t get into details yet.”

As for when Johns would be able to discuss DC Entertainment’s plans in greater detail, the “Blackest Night” writer cryptically teased: “We’ll talk in San Diego.”

Despite his tight-lipped responses, Johns offered very brief updates on “The Flash” and “Wonder Woman.” He stated that “The Flash” is certainly in development, though he wouldn’t discuss any potential casting or crew involvement. On the “Wonder Woman” front, Johns said that there are no updates but “everyone at DC wants to see it.”


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Bayern beat Sevilla to win Super Cup

Bayern won the UEFA Super Cup for the first time since 2013 courtesy of a 2-1 victory against Sevilla in Budapest.

Bayern vs Sevilla: as it happened, reaction

Match in brief

Lucas Ocampos roars with delight after his opener

Lucas Ocampos roars with delight after his openerGetty Images

Sevilla made the early running and were rewarded when Luuk de Jong nodded a Jesús Navas cross into the path of Ivan Rakitić, only for David Alaba to fell the Croatian midfielder. Lucas Ocampos made no mistake from the penalty spot.

Bayern ramped up the pressure with Yassine Bounou thwarting Robert Lewandowski, but the Polish striker eventually set up the equaliser, cushioning Thomas Müller’s cross into the path of Leon Goretzka, who finished confidently.

Sevilla had the best chance of the second half when substitute Youssef En-Nesyri surged thr...

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Your Emotional Film Experiences

I watched a film today and the effect it had on me has compelled me to write this thread.
Hopefully there will be others that can relate, not to this specific film necessarily but to the emotional impact that a film has had on you.

I write this as a massive film fan, (not movies, that’s an American term to me!)
It is not intended as a show off of equipment, but… the equipment is directly related to my experience.
Let me explain.

In 2017 I saw Dunkirk at my local IMAX screen.
It was, along with Bladerunner 2049, one of the best cinema going experiences of my life.
It was a daytime trip by myself with the cinema around a third full.
Around 20 minutes from the end I started to get very emotional, it’s not a sad film by any means but the sheer release of emotion that had been built up by what had c...

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Composite Decking Advice

I had some Trex decking installed last year. Funnily enough Island Mist colour. I was going to install it, but we just had the garden done, and her indoors could wait for me to do it :)

I was going to install composite frame work as well, but could not afford that with someone installing it. Used the Trex Protect tape as a compromise.

The pros are low maintenance, no friggin painting etc. Cons are it can get a bit too hot for bear feet in full sun, and expands a bit, so tends to knock the joints out.

Ultimately I would have it again.

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Football Manager 2021 – December 2020

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Tax Rises!

Voted for a few.

CT has been reduced a fair bit so that can stand a minor increase.

CGT. Yup. Increase that. Target property.

Online shopping tax. Ditto.

That doesn’t raise that much in the grand scheme of things.

The government simply has to get a grip on spending. Else all of the above is irrelevant.

Targeted austerity. It’s not hard. Just needs someone with some balls.

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Anyone seen prices for the extra 1tb storage?

I really don’t see these drives being cheap unless Microsoft allow other manufacturers to develop them too and encourage competition. Considering their new pro consumer stance I wouldn’t rule that out but I don’t see it happening really. One other thing is you might lose the quick resume feature if you run Xbox one games off of a usb drive too as that apparently dumps the ram states in to the SSD and when you resume pulls the data back to the ram (according to Austin Evans deep dive video at ms). Not sure if they’ll find a way to stash instant resume data cache in the SSD but allow the main game itself be on the usb drive to allow this to work though.

I only see this issue being for the series s, 1tb built in and a usb drive would be very liveable as that’s what I’m running one my one s...

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