Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 5.1 Speaker Package Review & Comments

My friend has just bought a new house, and he wanted to make one of his good size rooms into a Home Cinema room. He asked for my help in deciding which speakers and TV to get. He was more into size for the TV. I tried to steer him toward the LG 77″ C9, but he wanted the largest screen he could get for his budget, so ended up getting the LG NANO90/91 86″. Okay, thats the screen sorted.

We then looked at the Paradigm Premier speakers, but we were not impressed with the owner/salesman, who didn’t offer to demo the speakers for us.

I then read Steve’s review of the B&W 600 series, so we went to the only other dedicated Hi-Fi store here in Christchurch NZ, who just so happens to be the B&W rep for this area. The salesman was brilliant, and he offered to set up their theatre area with the 600 series. We had decided on the 603 floorstanders for the front, the HTM6 for centre, 606 for rears, CCM683 ceiling speakers, and also wanted to listen how the ASW610 handled the low frequencies.

The demo was the Dolby Atmos encoded Unbroken. Yes that first 10 minutes of absolutely demo quality audio completely blew my friend away. We thought that the ASW610 did a pretty good job, and he decided to get two of them for the system.

It will be two weeks while we wait for the 603’s in black (they only had white in stock) then we will be setting up this excellent set of speakers.

The salesman gave us a large discount for buying the full set, and threw in a Denon AVR-X4500 for less than half the RRP. My friend is a VERY happy new addition to our Home Cinema community.

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