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Parasite (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

Appears to be live at Zavvi. None of the discount codes work for me though even the RC one…..

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Polk In Wall / In Ceiling Speakers

Regarding question 3. I bought ceiling speakers from the USA last year and they arrived in a double box packaging in perfect condition. Delivery time was 3 weeks.

Be expected to pay around an extra 70% on top of the unit price to cover postage and customs charges. They ended up costing about 1/3 of the UK price.

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XBox One X – Project Scorpio Edition


Looking to sell on my XBox One X in preparation for the Series X.

Being the Project Scorpio edition its a release model and has been used pretty infrequently since I’ve had it, mainly used to play 4K films and the occasional game here and there and was second fiddle to the Switch in all honesty.

I still have the original box and all the baggies to put things back in and the console, once set up and put in the cabinet, has never been moved so will be in pristine condition. It comes with the Project Scorpio controller, no games as I pretty much went all digital with this/used Game Pass.

I’m looking for £240 delivered via an insured service.


Greenwich, London
Price and currency
Delivery cost included
Delivery Is Included
Prefer goods collec...
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VPN on telly

The 5 Best Cheap VPN ensures high-quality streaming while keeping your identity anonymous during downloading torrents or access popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc and protecting you from latency, geo-blocking games and cyber-attacks from other gamers. in September | 2020

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Richer Sounds replacement TV offer


Long time lurker, first time poster.

So my QE49Q7F TV that I purchased in November 2017 was written off yesterday by Samsung as they can’t get hold of the screen.

The panel has started to turn purple along the bottom where the LED’s are situated.

Samsung initially managed to get hold of a panel and fitted it to my TV, but when fitted found it was damaged in transit (Crack in the screen).

So for the past two weeks I’ve been waiting on a new panel to be delivered, only to be told there is no more stock.

So Samsung have offered me a replacement TV that is as they quote, “Like for like”.

The model they’ve offered me is a QE49Q85T. There are a few problems with this set as “Like for like”. Firstly it doesn’t use a One Connect box...

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Kef T205 White

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The Third Day (HBO/Sky) TV Show Review & Comments

Just looked at the trailers for Utopia looks a bit daft to me it’s not another superpower crap thing is it?

Kelly, Cristobal and Munden’s Utopia is up there with the most exhilarating, tense and memorable TV shows that I’ve seen, but despite the fact that I always recommend it to people who didn’t catch it during its original Channel 4 run I can never tell whether they’ll stick with it or not even if I have a rough idea of their tastes in film and TV shows.

They managed to strike a very unique and absurd tone that mixes comedy with some genuinely chilling ultraviolence and disturbing set-pieces...

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Are there any mini hi-fi systems (or anything else, for that matter) with a toggle for speaker/headphone output?

I switch between speakers and headphones a LOT, and I’d really like to not have to plug in/unplug my speakers 50 times a day: it’s not the end of the world, but it’s inconvenient and tends to result in damaged cords etc. Previously this was fine, I just used a PC and could use the windows sound control to switch the output, but my setup has changed such that I need to be able to use other input sources which don’t make life so easy.

A mini-hifi setup seems ideal, since it would have decent sound quality, and input switching… but I can’t see any where I can leave my headphones plugged in and switch using a remote/button/switch/whatever.

Are there any options for this, or is it just something so niche that it doesn’t exist?

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2x BK Double Gems vs 1 BK P12-300SB-PR??

If you want the subs playing mono, yep, and you would on the stereo side (‘B’) use the miniDSP to sum it’s output to mono too. Would be like this, purple being mono:
View attachment 1371366

However you can do stereo bass if you swap the position of the Sys and miniDSP.
I actually do it this way myself, but you have an extra step in that you need to also switch configs on the miniDSP based on what you’re doing. Essentially run the miniDSP in a blank config to allow the AVR to do it’s thing (although nothing stopping you from doing PEQ on the miniDSP still – and I have to because my AVR is old and has no room correction).

Movie use = Sys in position A, Config 1/2 on miniDSP (1 could be blank, 2 could be bass boost)
Music use = Sys in position B, Config 3/4 on miniDSP (again depending how mu...

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The Justice League (& The Snyder Cut 2021)

“We’re trying to bring everything together, but everything comes from the comics,” he said, according to Coming Soon. “You’ll see in the coming months how it’s going to be better integrated. I’m really excited about it, but it’s so early, I can’t get into details yet.”

As for when Johns would be able to discuss DC Entertainment’s plans in greater detail, the “Blackest Night” writer cryptically teased: “We’ll talk in San Diego.”

Despite his tight-lipped responses, Johns offered very brief updates on “The Flash” and “Wonder Woman.” He stated that “The Flash” is certainly in development, though he wouldn’t discuss any potential casting or crew involvement. On the “Wonder Woman” front, Johns said that there are no updates but “everyone at DC wants to see it.”


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