Computer build boot failure!

Normally boot failures like this are a motherboard issue. I had a Asus Sabretooth Z170 motherboard that did exactly this. What annoyed me most about it is that it was a replacement for a board that had a temperature sensor failure. Anyway, after having installed the motherboard, and used it for about a month, I got a boot failure. Had to go into bios, make no changes, then restart and it would boot.

Essentially it would do this once every 3 or 4 weeks, so it wasn’t so bad that it did little more than irk me, and of course there was a workaround of going into the bios then just rebooting. Still, after a year or so I changed it for a gigabyte board ,and of course the issue is gone. I actually gave the board away as ‘faulty’ to a friend, and of course, he has the 1/50 boot problem, but he doesn’t seem to mind since the board was free.

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