Hand in notice after furlough?

My daughter handed in her notice. Much to the shock of the owners of the establishment. Which shows you how broken things really were IMO.

It wasn’t a full on ‘burn all bridges’ resignation letter, like the one I drafted for her – just to give her some ideas.

My brother knows the owners so he has heard a bit of the fallout. Stuff along the lines of “If she wasn’t getting paid the full amount she should have told us. If she heard nothing she should have chased it up.” She did, she done both things. First time when she was underpaid and a second time (2 – 3 months, and one shift later, when she was underpaid again).

They also tried to say she was “not committed”, despite being the hardest worker there when she finally managed to get a shift. Six days sick in two and a half years. Two of which were not sick days (one she booked as a holiday to celebrate her 18th birthday but the manager ignored the request and another when they changed how they distribute the rotas but didn’t tell her).

In all honesty she is better off out of the place. Shower of morons can’t run things correctly.

Oh, apparently they prioritise shifts for people who have mortgages, loans etc. they just don’t tell anyone about it, but it is still “policy”. How it can be policy if they don’t tell anyone is beyond me.

What happened with the underpayment is that, apparently, they told the accountants to make the change. But the one that deals with it was off. Off all that time? Yep, sounds like BS to me.

Apparently now they are outsourcing all staffing issues to an HR company.

Looks like the penny may have dropped that the girl they employed to run the place is a bit of a knob and out of her depth.


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