Has it been confirmed that all PS4 games play on PS5?

Just wondering if it’s been confirmed now that prices etc are released, if all PS4 games will play on PS5? I can’t see this officially posted anywhere yet, unless I’ve missed it. All I can see on official PS5 site is

“Backwards compatibility
Play a back catalog of PS4™ games on your PS5 console”

Does this mean all? Some? Which?

It’s just I’m thinking as I don’t use the Blu Ray for movies, haven’t got many disc games now, most now are what I’ve bought are digital, if it’s worth getting the PS5 digital edition.

Still have loads to play on PS4, so if can’t would wait a bit. Don’t play often anyway, don’t buy games on release day generally as I’d imagine new digital release would be very expensive, so happy to wait for offers.

I upgraded my internal to a 2Tb, and now have the original 500Gb as an extra USB plugged in, so imagine I’d need to buy a new one straight away, can you use an external SSD like the current USB with PS5?



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