Help needed – all games are too dark when i play them

Let me explain
This is not new, it is since day 1 on PS4, and i have it for months now. Played 30+ games.
They are NOT dark when light sceen is and such, but when i play lets say Dark Souls, TLOU1,2, Tomb Raider or GOW and you have parts when u play at night or in closed space which has no or little light – my picture is sooo much dark somethimes really hard to play. And when i check walkthrough on youtube, everyone have brighter screen. How is this even posible? Are they put 100% more screen light or what?

I have LG SK8000 and SK9000 calibrated, perfect dark and picture in 4k movies and SDR cable tv. BUT way too dark in games when i compare it to any walkthrough on ps4 and played on 4k tvs. I have always HDR one, is it cuz’ of HDR?

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