Help with layout – With CAD model

Hi, we moved into our house recently and are now planning to sort the lounge.

We have a fire (which we’re replacing with a new one – no fire is not an option apparently!), which obviously then restricts where things can go.

In terms of kit, currently I have:

Tannoy Revolution DC6T x 2 (Front towers) – which my wife lovingly calls the skyscrapers…
Tannoy Revolution DC6 x 2 (Bookshelf on stands)
Tannoy Revolution DC4 LCR (Centre)
Sony STRDN1040

I’m struggling with the layout due to the fireplace. I would like to be able to squeeze in the speakers, but with the layout, it really is a squeeze…

Is putting them this close to the TV, offset from the sofa ridiculous? Where would I put the Rears (Sides).

I’ve modelled the room up in CAD and dropped in a 55 inch TV (not the C9 but whatever), and some floorstanding speakers of approx the same size. Then some random sofas and cabinets to highlight roughly the furniture layout we’ll end up with. There is a double door to the left, and regular door in the bottom right.

All ideas welcome, and can try modelling some different layouts. Open to buying new kit if that’s the best thing to do…


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