Help with Quest 2

My reccomended Q2 purchase guide would be:
1. 64GB Q2
2. Cheapest Oculus strap they offer (don’t get the battery one) … only get this IF you find the Q2 uncomfortable
4. Use a headphone solution for headphones you already buy.. don’t get custom headphones

About £320-370
Now THAT is the best deal in VR we’ve had..
probably only maybe beaten by the £399 CV1 which at the time was bundled with tonnes of games.


The danger with the Quest line is to pump money into a budget system and thats not smart. Another Q2 user who is a bit of a chump who wants “the best of the best” the Q2 has to offer will end up with:
£399 256GB Quest
£130 Battery powered strap
£70 Oculus Link cable
£50 Oculus case
£30 Controller grips (these are good but they remove accessibility to the battery for quick changing which is VERY annoying)
£20 faceplate replacements

And then you end up with a price around £699… which is NOT a good deal for the Quest.

Thats almost £300 difference which is almost half way towards a HP Reverb G2 for you to have TWO headsets.


If you are new to VR, get:
Pistol Whip, Superhot, Thrill of the fight to begin with for STANDALONE quest (you get crossbuy anyway for the PCVR verison).

I’d say those 3 games are PHENOMENAL on the Quest because of the lack of a tether or wire.

Also to keep you busy at night time, the Q2 is the best way to “NOT” watch adult entertainment videos in bed. so “DON’T” enjoy that if its your thing ;)


I’d get into PCVR much later aka your 3070 as if you like the highest fidelity, you might want to upgrade to a G2. But if you’re new to VR, enjoy the Quest’s magical tetherless experience first… because it really is magical.

Also for PCVR games, if possible buy them on steam because they are cheaper, they work on both headsets so you aren’t locked into the Oculus PCVR store and they normally even have a native Oculus SDK so there is really no reason not to get them on steam.

Standalone games wise also be VERY careful. Oculus Quest store generally is built to be an apple-type app store.. you just impulse buy. I impulse bought tonnes of games, just because its quick click, download and you’re playing whilst with PC everything is much more of a fiddle. Make informed purchases IMO.

I only say this because just like with an ipad, you can end up throwing away £50-£100 worth on rubbish.. when again that can go toward a GPU or PCVR headset upgrade down the road.

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