Hikvision Kit Selection


I’m after a 4 camera solution to cover a farmhouse (minimal ambient light). I’ve spent a lot of time looking at kit, and it’s a bit of a minefield.

I believe I’m best going for the TurboHD cameras rather than IP – as they’re more budget friendly, and should still meet my requirements if connected to an NVR.

I don’t need Megapixel overkill – I expect 5mp is fine, but I’d choose 8pm if there’s not much in the price.

I’d really like something which used acusense to filter alerts. I believe this can be built into the NVR rather than the camerea – is there a recommended 4 channel NVR that has this?

Do the colorvu cameras shine a light all night, or only on motion detection? I really don’t want my house looking like a prison yard with spotlights all night if I can help it!

Do any of the TurboHD cameras support two way audio, or even audio recording? Or is an IP camera needed for that?

If someone could recommend some cameras (I’m thinking ColorVu subject to the all-night lighting question above) and a compatible NVR (with acusense) then I’d really appreciate it!


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