We use to use the term “you jew / jewbag” at school etc, when your mate was being tight with money.
Not sure where it can from, and if I’m honest, they were just terms used. We never actually linked the comments to actual people or races.
I suspect this is much of the problem. A phrase it used, as it’s just part of language you grow into.
And no malice is felt when using the term.
tight, tight ares, jew, mean etc.

Then you have someone from the Jewish faith who see’s this, and sort of pulls the term into reality and decides to take offence at it, when there was never any offence involved by most of the users.

It feels perhaps a bit like the video game argument and violence.
You have have lovely people who would never hurt a fly or swear at anyone, playing a game, where they are being up/killing characters on-screen.
Mentally there is a 100% disconnect between the game and real life.

Until someone decides to take offence at the game or the media get their teeth into it, and they make that connection.

My mother than father never had a racist bone in their body, they both had friends, worked with, and loved all people as individuals, but they would still use, by todays standards racist terms.
But they were just terms, and not linked to real people.

We seem to have lost the ability to understand there is not always a connection between these things.