I didn’t realise that. So what type of power amp does it use? What were your thoughts on comparison to the 2170 out of interest?

It uses class D amplification. The 2170 might sound a slight bit better, and deliver more muscle. It really comes down to what system you are planning to drive with the amp. I tested with a lyngdorf MH2/BW2 system, where the MH2`s playing from 200 hz up, does not require the power of a monster amp. With this setup, there was a huge headroom and redicolus SPL possible that I could not drive to clipping.. Also, the 1120 is very modern, and has the same web GUI as the big boys (3400, MP50/60). Not all the same functionality, but all the important stuff. 8 filter voicings, flexible setup, subsonic filter, RIAA amp, ROON support and so on. It makes the 1120 quite a king of all trades, for the one seeking a “do it all” system that can be customized for perfectly tuned daily use. Great for apartments, smaller full range speakers or sat/ active sub combinations and with all the lyngdorf goodies like room perfect. At the price, you really cant fault the 1120 at all.