I think they look really great, and that’s a pre-requisite for me for any piece of HiFi I buy. However I think I’m disappointed to see Class D. I find Class D to be somewhat of a fad – or at least that it goes through current trends that is. So a while back it all seemed to be about ICE power amp modules being the best thing since sliced bread, and more latterly from what I’ve seen it’s become HypeX Ncore modules (as used here). But it looks now that Purifi based amps are going to be the new Class D champions to have from this point on – so it almost feels like these Model 30’s are somewhat old hat before they‘ve even been released!
I am however pleased to see that a lot of obvious effort has gone in by having the separate power supply sections, and I’d certainly be keen to demo one (esp due to looks!), but I’m not sure Class D is a game I want to buy into (yet at least). I think I’d feel more comfortable sticking that money into an ‘old’ A/B design as it won‘t suffer and depreciate like the tech race that is Class D currently.