Nvidia Ultimate Countdown (RTX 3000 or something else!)

The real risk and issue with cards now is many console owners wising up to perceived lower price/ownership cost of pcs, with demand for any future cards likely higher.

While we all know better, based on many comments when ps/Xbox news is announced on things like gamingbible posts there’s always people saying “at that price think I’ll spend my money on a pc”.

So if the consoles come out around the £500 mark, it would be easy for console users to think “I’m ok spending £300 more on a pc, games are “cheaper” and no multiplayer payments requires so works out cheaper. Could you build a Xbox/ps rival for £800? Well get yourself a 3600, b4/550, for £250, add the gpu for £500, we all know it’s easy to “up sell” yourself on the other bits like psu and case, but it could be made compelling (especially by pre-build system sellers).

As we’ve seen, this demand doesn’t do us as buyers any favours, so what the rrp for these things are vs what the end sale price could be by Xmas is something else. At the very least the 2080ti could still fare a reasonable price 2nd hand on this basis alone. Let’s also not forget bitcoin mining is verging potentially profitable again too, so some could consider these as generating cash back…


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