Portable player vs streamer

So the last piece of my new system jigsaw maybe a streamer but i dont know if i need one or will see any benefit from one.

I currently have a Hiby R6 portable player that can function over line out to my amp. Its a very good player, i like the sound (especially with LCD2s) it can play Tidal Masters MQA and i have my entire library on it. I cant however reliably remote control it, its android and i tried airdroid but it dosent really like it.

So purely for the convienience of not having to get up to change music im looking at a streamer, nothing too expensive maybe the Yamaha WXD-10 (it was recommended by someone on another thread) i know that cant do Tidal masters as it dosent support MQA but does that really matter?

Would i be seeing any benefit of the increaded quality over the line out from the Hiby to the amp by 3.5 – two RCA?

I like the look of the bluesound, it does MQA but for my use its really expensive. I only use Tidal im a very recent convert to streaming music, resisted until lockdown preferring ripped CDs as spotify was horrible to me so i also have my library on a WD NAS which the streamer could access.


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