PSB Imagine XA Dolby Atmos Speaker Review & Comments

Dolby Atmos works by moving objects around in a three dimensional space, so ideally the more speakers (7.1.4), the more accurate the positioning of those objects. However if you only have nine channels available then based on my testing and that of THX, the best alternative is 7.1.2 with the overhead speakers more central. The reason is that the the addition two back speakers creates a cohesive circle that enables sounds to move around you, whilst the two overhead speakers deliver the third dimension of height. I think people often say they prefer 5.1.4 because they think that since they’re installing an Atmos system they want the full four speakers overhead but I find there can be a hole in the rear soundstage without the two back speakers, whilst the difference between two or four overhead speakers is less noticeable.

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