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Hi,Long time lurker, first time poster.So my QE49Q7F TV that I purchased in November 2017 was written off yest

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

So my QE49Q7F TV that I purchased in November 2017 was written off yesterday by Samsung as they can't get hold of the screen.

The panel has started to turn purple along the bottom where the LED's are situated.

Samsung initially managed to get hold of a panel and fitted it to my TV, but when fitted found it was damaged in transit (Crack in the screen).

So for the past two weeks I've been waiting on a new panel to be delivered, only to be told there is no more stock.

So Samsung have offered me a replacement TV that is as they quote, "Like for like".

The model they've offered me is a QE49Q85T. There are a few problems with this set as "Like for like". Firstly it doesn't use a One Connect box. The one connect aspect is excellent for me as my TV is wall mounted so it keeps cable management to a minimum. Secondly the 49Q85T is only a HDR1000 set, my 49Q7F is a HDR1500 set.

I don't feel like the 49Q85T is a "Like for like" replacement for these two points alone. But Samsung said that if I accept their TV, I'd only get a 12 month warranty with the set? Where as with Richer Sounds, I have a six year warranty?

To my understanding, the QE49Q85T is a QE49Q80T, the exact same TV but sold under Curry's. They changed the 0 to a 5 so that you can't do a price comparison.

So I called Richer Sounds and they said they think Samsung have given a fair like for like set. I disagreed and argued all the points above. She said she would talk to the team that deal with this and get back to me tomorrow as it was too close to close of business to continue.

Ideally what I'd like Richer Sounds to do is give me some form of store credit and let me pick a set and if its more expensive, let me add some cash to it.

Am I being unresonable? I think my points are fair and reasonable?

Many thanks for looking.
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