Any thoughts on these 2 amps?

I read all the forum posts on the Denon and had my head set on it although I haven’t auditioned either of these. The Roksan is out of my price range but has currently come on special for the same price as the Denon. The Denon has the coax digital input that I need while the Roksan only has USB which I can make do with.

Really interested in how the 2 compare in sound – need it to drive a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 500s – my current amp, a CXA60 is too bright and thin – looking for an amp with a richer, fuller, warmer sound (neutral with a hint of warmth) without sacrificing detail, soundstage and imaging.

Need to make a call fairly quick as the offer wont last too long… Do I take the plunge or pass up for the Denon still!!