S20 Ultra 5G 128GB Black Unlocked + Buds+

im after a trade for an iPhone 11 pro max if anyone is up for it, the phone was preordered from currys pc world sim free with receipt included so also comes with the buds+ if you dont mind very slightly used headphones, i have taken a picture to show how clean they are as i am very meticulous with my ears and earphones

the phone its self is in immaculate condition as shown in the photos and has a dbrand skin on the back that was put on as soon as the factory protector was removed, the front has a crappy screen protector on as i bought a glass one for it and then found out the fingerprint scanner didnt work with it, and it has always been kept in a Spigen case since i bought it.

If anyone is serious about the trade but would like to see the back of the phone i would be willing to remove it to prove the condition.

the phone, while amazing in its own right, is just not for me, i miss my iphone and the eco system.

the pictures didnt come out as well as id hoped as i have no clue how to work a DSLR


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