Received my Q950T… after setting up the soundbar and having had the Q90R… my comments would be. The Q950T sounds better, even without adjusting speakers straight out of the box. The Q90R reminds me now of a loud freight train when you listened to Atmos film for example whereas the Q950T sounds… controlled loudness. I feel that having the eARC out of the box has helped as opposed to it being as an update.

Whoever decided to move the led screen was crazy but that said, it’s not the end of the world. It works so don’t need to be checking if the movies is playing Atmos or DTSx when start a movie/tv show. There is led lights on the bar which turns red when the soundbar is on and when you adjust volume white dotted lights will come up on the bar showing a guide to volume. i have a harmony elite which doesn’t currently have settings for the Q950T but I chucked in the Q90R remote and it works without issue too.

the fabric… who ever decided that… crazy also. It is just a dust collector and even rotating the bar just 90’ to get under and plug in HDMI cables collected dust/dirt from the tv unit. It looks and feels like Samsung was taking the YAS-108/207-209 soundbar design.

My only issue I had is I feel like I had moments when the rear speakers sounded like they were crackling a little when I tried out my new INXS – Live Baby Live 4k. Felt maybe putting it on with Atmos, because I was listening to it more intently than you normally would, could have actually been related to the concert. Also when I adjusted the volume on the bar it took a moment for the rears to match through with the level. Only noticed it once but again could be a placebo effect that I’m looking for faults which aren’t there.

Overall, those issues aside, I am very happy. If you have the funds, would easily suggest buying it if you feel you need the surround speakers and Atmos effect. Thanks to Joely Oely for the hookup.