Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar Review & Comments

@Steve Withers

Could you speak any more to the reliability of the rears and subs as you’ve tested things? Reliable connectivity has plagued Samsung soundbars since the 2016 HW-K950s and hasn’t improved in every generation since.

It’s relatively well documented that tri-band WiFi networks can cause problems and users either have to disable the second 5GHz band entirely (reducing the usefulness and speed available to WiFi devices that can take advantage of that second band) OR play whack-a-mole by manually adjusting the channel the second band is using due to the use of DFS by their tri-band kit (I’ve found relative stability by trying to leave it set to channel 100 but it isn’t a magic bullet)

Did you test the 950T in an environment with such a Tri-band router (or mesh extender) present (Netgear? Ubiquiti?) – just curious is all… :)

Perhaps the review period wasn’t long enough for you to determine definitively? I and many other AVForum-ites do like the Samsung kit, but that speaker connectivity reliability is a real PITA and it is sometimes too easy to just put it down to “Oh well, its your WiFi network that’s to blame” 😐

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