Seeking an “All-in-one” Network Streamer – are we almost there?

Hi all,

New to the forum, and am excited about Hi Res streaming options for CD+ quality. Thru some investigative reading and many reviews (written and the You-Tubers), I am seeking the lazy mans ( with hi expectations) point of view for my next purchase.

I currently have an older Yamaha RX-V793 with 2 diff pairs of B&W speakers. Towers inside and two small outdoor ones outside on the deck. I am looking at adding a dedicated network streamer wired to the Internet, and comparing Tidal to Amazon Ultra-HD for options. I will also look at NAS next.

I am thinking I need a streamer with DAC combo to use the CD inputs via RCA into my old Yamaha, as the built in Digital inputs are there, but only support 16 bit 44.1khz.which is why I am thinking I need the Streamer/DAC combo to truly gain the benefits of the hi-res.

And that is where the struggle begins. I am impressed with the reviews on the Cambridge Audio CXN v2, but not pleased it is missing the MQA codec to decode the Tidal master recordings. Also it is not clear it supports Amazon HD natively (not to mention mixed reviews on the app ease of use) .

My key criteria as the lazy man with hi expectations is I want the single all in one device to support both Tidal and Amazon via the single app, just login and then play. I do not wish to have to also rely on Chromecast, Roon or other intermediaries to accomplish the wish.

I see there is a brand new Arcam ST60, which claims AQM support, but states nothing about Amazon HD, and am curious to see the reviews once they come out.

Once I land on my streamer, I can then compare which Hi -Def streaming service I wish to use.

Any thoughts from this forum would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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