Should i get hifi separates instead of a bluetooth speaker?

£2,000 should give you lots of Options. Though small 5″ Floorstanding might work I would be inclined to agree to start with Bookshelf, then add Sub(s) if you feel the need. Keep in mind this goes against my general philosophy, I’m a big-speaker big-floorstander guy, but I’m also a practical guy.

I might have a slight bias toward Wharfedale, they are very sweet mellow easy to listen to speakers, and would likely work well in a smaller room.

Right now the Wharfedale EVO are getting very good reviews, and the large EVO 4.2 bookshelf has a lot of praise. And Easily inside our budget.

At £600/pr, that leaves you plenty of money for Subwoofers if you feel you need them.

There are many reviews of the EVO speakers on YouTube, check them out. This person has several Reviews, and Comparison. He likes a mellow speaker, and ranks these above the KEF LS50 for sound quality.

YouTube – Tharbamar – EVO 4.2

Further, the Yamaha RN803D has Full Bass Management, so adding a Subwoofer using that Amp should be easy enough. Plus lots of features and plenty of Power.

Another Large Bookshelf that I like would be the Monitor Audio Silver 100 (£649) which has a 8″ bass driver –

For music, if you decide to get one or more Subwoofers, I would not get gigantic Movie Subs, I would stick with something around 10″. You are not necessarily going for Super Deep bass, but rather larger driver than your bookshelf to provide more impact.

BK Electronics tops the list of high value Subs –

Just off the Top of my Head, I would suggest the BK Elec – XLS200 (10″, 275w, £355). Available in both Front Firing and Down Firing, and in a wide range of Finishes –

You mighty want to give some thought to the approximate seating distance from the Speaker. Bookshelf tend to do better close up. Whereas Floorstanding, depending on the configuration, can take a bit more distance to fully develop their sound.

Though pure speculation, I would say 10ft or more, and Floorstanding are probably OK. But 10ft or less, and I think you are leaning more toward Bookshelf.

But you can do what you want. Again, even if you choose floorstanding, the right configuration can be made to work at shorter distances.


If you decide on Bookshelf, I would not buy a Sub until you have had the bookshelf a while. Find out how close they are to what you need, then consider where you want to go from there.

Give it some thought.


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