Sky + HD loss of signal. Offered Sky Q.

We have had Sky +HD Multiroom for some time without any problems ( adult daughter lives at home with her own bedsit room, which is why we have Multiroom which means that her set up is completely independent from the living room). Recently the main Sky box in the living room has been losing a satellite signal. At first the usual fixes remedied this but recently the signal loss has become more frequent and more difficult to remedy. (The other other set in daughter’s room is unaffected and still working perfectly.) We tried substituting our Sky+HD box in the living room with a borrowed Sky+HD box but this has not helped.
We contacted Sky yesterday regarding this problem. They suggested that as the problem was not resolved by changing boxes the cause was probably the LNB or the associated cabling. ( we had already thought that this may be the case. ) We were initially discussing having the LNB etc. checked by a Sky engineer but during a lengthy conversation we were offered ( due to our long association with Sky ) ( almost 30 years ) Sky Q with one mini box free of any charge. I accepted this and fitting is due on 5th August.
BUT, having read various posts about the shortcomings with Sky Q Multiroom, especially the shared planner and mini box frequent drop outs, I’m seriously considering cancelling the agreement and simply having the LNB etc. checked first, before deciding on any other changes.
On the comments I have seen it would appear that the Sky+ HD system is still the better of the two systems.
Opinions would be appreciated please?

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