Sony.. the sleeping kings of VR

Why on earth would Sony release a standalone headset?I can't see it happening.Their PSVR headset has sold poo

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Why on earth would Sony release a standalone headset?

I can't see it happening.

Their PSVR headset has sold poorly when you consider how many PS4s there are out there. If they're going to continue investing in VR they're more likely to release one for their new console.

Oculus/Facebook have the standalone market sewn up I think. The biggest advantage they have is with software, the Quest has a decent sized library of games, apps and experiences and if Sony release a standalone headset tomorrow, even if they plough millions into developers and fund games, it won't have anywhere near as good support from developers.

And now that Oculus have opened up the ability for devs like me to get our games on their platform there's going to be even more developer support from platforms like and personal developer websites.

I'm not happy with what they're doing for this though, although I haven't looked too deeply into it yet, much prefer apps and games being added to the Quest Store like the Early Access apps for the Rift and Rift S Store.
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