Finished this off. Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans, The Incredible Hulk, The Transporter) did great job as director. The world building, characters and level of detail is amazing.

I would say if they cut it down to 7 episodes it would been tighter story.

Still there is a bonus 1hr20min Making off to watch!

Overall 8.6/10

Main voice cast

Taron Egerton as Rian: A Gelfling crystal castle guard of the Stonewood Clan
Anya Taylor-Joy as Brea: A Gelfling princess of the Vapra Clan
Nathalie Emmanuel as Deet: A Gelfling animal carer of the Grottan Clan
Donna Kimball as Aughra: The embodiment of the planet Thra and an astronomer

Recurring voice cast


Eddie Izzard as Cadia: A member of the Sifa Clan
Helena Bonham Carter as Maudra Mayrin/The All-Maudra: Leader of the Vapra Clan, the Gelfling queen and mother of Seladon, Tavra and Brea
Caitriona Balfe as Tavra: A warrior of the Vapra Clan and one of Brea’s sisters
Harris Dickinson as Gurjin: A member of the Drenchen Clan and Rian’s best friend
Shazad Latif as Kylan: A song teller of the Spriton Clan
Toby Jones as The Librarian: A member of the Vapra Clan who works in the library of the Vapra Citadel
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Seladon: A member of the Vapra Clan and one of Brea’s sisters
Lena Headey as Maudra Fara/The Rock Singer: Leader of the Stonewood Clan
Alicia Vikander as Mira: A member of the Vapra Clan, a crystal castle guard and Rian’s girlfriend
Hannah John-Kamen as Naia: A member of the Drenchen Clan and Gurjin’s twin sister
Natalie Dormer as Onica: A member of the Sifa Clan and Tavra’s girlfriend
Mark Strong as Ordon: A member of the Stonewood Clan and Rian’s father
Theo James as Rek’yr: A member of the Dousan Clan
Louise Gold as Maudra Argot/The Shadow Bender: Leader of the Grottan Clan
Kemi-Bo Jacobs as Maudra Seethi/The Skin Painter: Leader of the Dousan Clan

Jason Isaacs as skekSo/The Emperor: Leader of the Skeksis and the cruel ruler of the Planet Thra
Simon Pegg as skekSil/The Chamberlain: The second in line to the Emperor’s throne
Awkwafina as skekLach/The Collector: A disease infected Skeksis who collects tributes from the Gelfling clans
Benedict Wong as skekVar/The General: A quick tempered Skeksis who is the most loyal to the Emperor
Harvey Fierstein as skekAyuk/The Gourmand: The organizer of the Skeksis banquets
Andy Samberg as skekGra/The Conqueror AKA The Heretic: A Skeksis who is against the decisions of the other Skeksis
Ralph Ineson as skekMal/The Hunter: The wildest and most brutal of the Skeksis
Alice Dinnean as skekEkt/The Ornamentalist: The designer of the Skeksis garments
Keegan-Michael Key as skekZok/The Ritual-Master: The high priest of the Ceremony of the Sun
Mark Hamill as skekTek/The Scientist: An old friend of Aughra who now uses the Dark Crystal for evil experiments
Neil Sterenberg as skekOk/The Scroll-Keeper: Crystal Castle’s historian

Dave Goelz as Baffi: An eyepatch-wearing Fizzgig
Theo Ogundipe as Vliste-Staba: The Sanctuary Tree
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as urVa/The Archer: The urRu/Mystic counterpart of skekMal/The Hunter
Sigourney Weaver as The Myth Speaker
Victor Yerrid as Hup: A Podling who is a friend of Deet
Bill Hader as urGoh/The Wanderer: The urRu/Mystic counterpart to skekGra/The Conqueror