The Mandalorian (Disney Plus) – Season 2 (2020) # S2 Trailer

This could be the start of a new Hollywood thing. A few years ago there were hardly any big budget super hero movies and now every other summer blockbuster contains an alter ego.
Now it might be the era of the movie come series.
Ok, so it’s happened in the past on rare occasions – Buffy The Vampire Slayer , War Of The Worlds(?), PLanet Of The Apes – but not so long ago Terminator was turned into a series and is doing pretty well, and now Star Wars, first as a cartoon and now this.
If Hollywood follows it’s standard procedure of milking a successful format, I can see a lot more movie franchises becoming serial dramas for the box.
The Hobbit or LOTR – following the adventures of Middle Earth citizens as they go to war every five minutes. There’s all sorts of races to make stories for, including trees.
Iron Man – no doubt going to be a trilogy – no reason why a spin off series couldn’t come of it.
Back To The Future – with time travel anything is possible, ask the good Doctor.
Predator or Aliens. These creatures keep on turning up in movies so making a series of them… A dozen men in rubber suits and some effective lighting – cheap and cheerful.
Indiana Jones – Been Done? Yes with Young Indy, but no reason not to make a series based on the hero in later life.
Robocop – I would have thought a prime target for a series. Or am I right in thinking it’s already been done? Well the tongue in cheek nature of the films certainly made them seem like a series, especially the third one.
POTC, Robin Hood (again), Forrest Gump, more Batman, Hellboy, any other comic book hero, WallE, The Matrix, Willow, Jumper, Hitman, the list is almost endless.
I can see Hollywood pumping out quite a few Movie based series within the next decade with some intensity, probably to the point of saturation, until the buzz dies off and the spin off series becomes a rare thing once again.
I’m enjoying Terminator so it will be interesting to see what is released in the future and how gripping it becomes or how true to lore it is.
Bring on the Star Wars!:thumbsup:

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