The PS5 Game Sharing Thread

<WIP THREAD> As its a Work In Progress, if you spot any wrong info please let me know and i’ll amend it ASAP, also if you have ideas then also please free in posting them

Right, see lots of ‘lets start a thread’ etc so I thought I will set this up and try keep it in some kind of order.

Before we begin…..

WARNING: Game Sharing will require you to share your account details (Email and Password) with another member so that they can log you onto their system. If this is something you are happy to do then you will be doing this at your own risk and this forum will accept no responsibility.
Obviously there needs to be an element of trust with this, so its probably going to be wise to not be grabbing a partner who signed up and has 1 post asking for a partner……

Now that’s out the way, quick guide on how to do it (bear in mind until the PS5 is out there, I’ve no idea if works exactly the same way).


You and Your Game Sharing Buddy each have a PS5 console. This is how they need to be set up:

USER 1’s PS5

USER 2’s PS5

Has User 1 and User 2′s accounts on it.
Set the console as the ‘Primary Console’ when signed in as User 2.
Log Back into User 1 and you will now have access to User 2 and User 1‘s games.​

Has User 1 and User 2‘s accounts on it.
Set the console as the ‘Primary Console’ when signed in as User 1.
Log Back into User 2 and you will now have access to User 2 and User 1‘s games.​

Thats it! You’re all set up.

Now and then you may be required to log into the other user to start a download but otherwise you’re good to go.

Buying Games

These will entirely be decided between yourself and your game sharing buddy. I would suggest you just take turns, this way but it is entirely up to yourselves. Just remember to use cheap credit if possible for extra savings.

Finding A Partner

I’ve created a table in the second post. TO make it easier to find someone please let me know if you’re interested in doing it and also what genre of games you mainly play and i’ll add them to the ***Looking To Share*** table.
Once you’re added then its just a case of looking through the table at others interested and if you’re happy to go ahead and share with someone just ask them on the thread (Remember the warning above though). Once you’re paired up i’ll add you to the game sharing buddies table and strike through your info in the looking table so people know you’re ‘spoken for’.


  • Take turns in buying titles, this way, if the PSN ever goes down, you will still have access to half of the titles.
  • Always use cheaper credit which can be bought from here or places like or CDKeys.

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