The Society (Netflix) 10 May

Polished off S1 the other day and thought it finished on a tense note. The psychopath is a compelling villain, one of the best I’ve seen in anything this year. If you identify one and have evidence demonstrating their antisocial behaviour you can’t allow them to participate in society. They must be isolated and ostracised otherwise their manipulative and antisocial ways has a pernicious and nasty effect on relationships and society.

Felt angry watching the finale, both for the way the psychopath’s machinations have caused pain, suffering and divisiveness between people that had been getting along and working for the benefit of one another until he wanted his girlfriend back (he doesn’t give a crap about who’s in charge as long as he gets his way – and his property, i.e. the girl) and for how easily the group was manipulated by him. It could easily have been avoided if they discussed Campbell’s diagnosis (something disclosed by his brother earlier in the season) and how it’s likely to cause chaos among the group.

That psychopathic smirk is unnerving. Great job by the actor.

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Really looking forward to S2.

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