Wharfedale DX-2 – what crossover frequency works best?


First post here, looking to hear from other DX-2 users on selecting best crossover frequency, mainly for movies, but music too.

I just bought and installed the speakers with a Sony STR-DN1080, very pleased with the initial results, now looking to fine-tune it a bit. I read some reviews that suggested to use a 100Hz crossover instead of the default 120Hz and I tried both but although I noticed a difference, couldn’t say one was preferable to the other. But I also note that the centre speaker has a lower extension than the satellites (80 instead of 120 IIRC).

On the Sony I can set separate crossovers for front, centre and surround, so I am thinking of 110 on front and surround and 80 on the centre. Any thoughts from those who have experience with this speaker package?

The room is about 3.3m x 5.4m, with the TV on one of the longer walls, but offset due to a doorway. The surrounds are in the corners and pretty much in line with the back of the sofa at the main listening position, and one of them is further away than the other due to the offset TV. But, the Sony DCAC seems to have coped very well with this less-than-ideal speaker positioning. My sub is directly below one of the front speakers so no apparent problem with directionality of higher bass frequencies.

I realise these speakers in my room might seem a bit under-powered, but we don’t listen at very high volumes and it goes more than loud enough for our purposes. Also, bearing in mind my last proper surround sound system was 10+ years ago with an old (but good) Yamaha amp and a random selection of speakers, this new system seems pretty good to me, especially coming from a Yamaha soundbar that we were using in the intermediate years.

NB I am aware that the nominal 4 ohm speaker impedance might cause an issue with the Sony, so as I am the cautious type, the Sony has 2 AC Infinity fans sitting on top sucking cool air up through vents in the bottom of the cabinet and exhausting warm air out the back. It runs pretty cool like this at the volumes we listen at.



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