What should i buy?

Save for a G2 if you have a good gaming PC.

If you want standalone VR get a Quest 2.

Do not get a Quest 2 for PCVR. It is just not a good decision because the Audio is awful, it uses compression, its weight distribution is rubbish, etc.

Well we don’t know what the compression is like yet. I would have thought you’d have a better experience with the Quest 2 than the OG Quest given the extra power under the hood.

I’m probably not getting one myself but it’s less than half the price of the G2, less than a third of the price of the Index and doubles as a standalone headset.

He only has €450, can get a Quest 2 for €299 and can spend the extra €151 on games. Or he could save up another, what? €150? And get a better headset by spending another €300(?) and have no games to show for it and probably have worse tracking and not have the wonders of ASW 2.0 either.

Sure, if money was no object I’d say get an Index, or a G2. But he’s said he’s only got €450.

Given the circumstances the Quest 2 is the best option, no need to let your hissy fit about the direction Oculus are heading in get in the way of recommending the best headset for his situation 😲


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