What’s New on Disney+ UK for October 2020

I agree with you, I did the £49 early bird thing and I have watched The Mandalorian, Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and it looks like I will get The Mandalorian S2 as well.

Excellent value for money, don’t regret it one bit.

BUT … and yes there is a but coming along. If I were tight I could have taken out Disney+ for a few months, say three to be realistic, paid my £15 and watched those. But I’m not tight, I paid the whole year and in my opinion I am happy with the value. And here is the BUT, when it comes to renewing next year is there anything more to see.

I agree with you, to pay £5 to watch those (for the first time) is great, but do I want to keep paying £5 a month so I can re-watch them again and again.

I think Year 1 Disney+ has been great and very happy with the value, Year 2, now that is going to be a lot harder to justify.

Very different if you have young kids I imagine.




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