Which TV for PS5?

With the release of the new consoles getting closer I (for me) think it’s time I start looking at which TV I am going to buy for the release of the PS5.

I currently own a 65KS8000 as my main TV but will be looking to add one to my gaming area before the release of the PS5.

I don’t want anything bigger than 55″. I was looking at the 49″ version of the Q80T but then I read that the 49″ version of this series doesn’t have HDM 2.1. I have now seen that currently the 55″ version is the same price so this has also caught my eye. The 55″ Q90T is £300 more expensive and I’m not sure what this offers over the Q80T series.

I’m not looking to bite the bullet right now but ideally in the next few weeks. I wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the TV section but I gathered I’m probably not the only one here looking to upgrade their tv in prep for the new consoles.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!


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