Xbox One X Console

Xbox One X Console


Grey Controller
Power Cable

Excellent condition, I have the box in the loft it was the PUBG edition. I swapped the black controller with a dark grey one which looks better in my eyes.

Looking for £210

————— SOLD —————

Xbox One Console for sale.

This is just console and power cable only, no hdmi or controller included….

The console isn’t in the best of condition as can be expected for a glossy finished console of its age. I have sold this once and had it returned because unknown to me the warranty seal has peeled back half way, I think this could have been due to age/heat etc because I’ve owned the console for years and never opened it myself. I didn’t notice it before listing it and the buyer didn’t want to take the risk even though it’s worked fine for me for years, it does however have faulty WiFi, the Ethernet port works so not a problem if you hardwire to your router. I’ve played many years of pubg on this console without any issues.

Anyways wanting £45 including delivery.

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