I’m still on the fence and think pricing will definitely be the clincher. If the rumoured half price is true I’d be more tempted by the S, if it’s more like £100 I’d probably just stump up the extra cash.

I think replacing the one X is where this lives, it would be pointless to have a similarly powered machine on the old architecture minus the perks of the CPU and SSD. Price wise they’d probably be not far off each other as I can’t see the one X material cost being reduced by that much. I’m not sure what the plan for the one s is, but if they aren’t releasing generational exclusives a trifecta of:

one s for £100 aimed at [email protected] and xcloud
series s for £300 aimed at [email protected]/[email protected]
series X for £500 aimed at [email protected]/120

With this they have all demographics covered, xcloud could allow the old one s to almost hit series X visuals for those that want that right up to the enthusiasts. I’m not sure what their plan was but I wouldn’t be surprised if a global recession has made them look again at Lockhart of it wasn’t due this year. It may have been penned for next year but with so many people struggling I think if they have it ready they’d do well to get it out and use it to undercut the PS4 and boost sales. I feel this generation games as a service will become more prevalent with ps now and gamepass so it’s in their interest to get the market share by any means to get those subscriptions signed up.