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I was wondering about the situation in Scotland and the law of unforeseen consequences1 who pays for the up

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I was wondering about the situation in Scotland and the law of unforeseen consequences

1 who pays for the upkeep of the car parks ?
2 is finding a space more difficult and forcing both patients and staff to park further away and possibly be charged anyway

I don't know what budget upkeep comes from, but the removal of charges was warmly welcomed!

I had daily appointments over a number of weeks for radiotherapy at the Beatson, located within the Gartnavel Hospital campus, in Glasgow. This was back in Winter of 2015/16, so I don't know how things are as of today. However, my experience was that you had to be very lucky to find a space in the dedicated Beatson car park. There were parking attendants on duty, who I found friendly and helpful, but demand exceeded capacity. After a few visits, I elected to go straight in to the pay car park for the hotel that is on the campus. Yes, I had to pay and it was a longer walk to my destination, but I reckon I needed the exercise. I know there were people who could not easily walk far, but conversely, there are far too many able to walk, but would drive their car in through the front doors if they could.
I did ask staff how they coped - they were effectively told they shouldn't be driving to their work, but using public transport. For some of them that was not an option, so I understand parking in the surrounding area was common.
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