Your Emotional Film Experiences

I watched a film today and the effect it had on me has compelled me to write this thread.Hopefully there will

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I watched a film today and the effect it had on me has compelled me to write this thread.
Hopefully there will be others that can relate, not to this specific film necessarily but to the emotional impact that a film has had on you.

I write this as a massive film fan, (not movies, that's an American term to me!)
It is not intended as a show off of equipment, but... the equipment is directly related to my experience.
Let me explain.

In 2017 I saw Dunkirk at my local IMAX screen.
It was, along with Bladerunner 2049, one of the best cinema going experiences of my life.
It was a daytime trip by myself with the cinema around a third full.
Around 20 minutes from the end I started to get very emotional, it's not a sad film by any means but the sheer release of emotion that had been built up by what had come before along with Zimmer's superb score just hit me.
There were multiple points at which tears rolled down my face, trying not to sniff so anyone else heard, the Little Boats arriving at the shore, the cheers of the soldiers, the utterly majestic shots of Hardy's Spitfire gliding silently over the beach.
That last portion of the film caused me to well up constantly until the very end.

Now, fast forward to 2019 and I sat down to watch it for the second time in my living room with my wife.
This was on an LG C7 55 on Blu Ray through the same 5.1 set up I have now. It was in the evening when our son is asleep so wasn't up very loud.
Come the end I was quite disappointed that it had nowhere near the impact it had previously, no real tears, wife wasn't too impressed.

Now today, I had the house to myself this afternoon, 3-5pm. What could be the first 4K film I could watch on my new LG CX 65?
Dunkirk, only 1hr 40mins, perfect, although it's daytime and I can't make my living room dark, nevermind, go for it.

Sat reasonably close, cranked the sound right up and watched without pausing. As soon as the 'relief music' kicked in towards the end the tears started and didn't really stop, same experience as the cinema.
I'm really chuffed I've been able to recreate it at home.

So my point, if there is one, is that a big screen and good quality soud really can make a difference and complete immerse you in a film.

If you've read this far, well done and thankyou 😄

So, please tell me about your emotional film experience, celebrate this wonderful art form!
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